Anita George a female artist working extensively in 2D & 3D mixed media abstract and figurative art, talented in both sculpture and painting creations. I relish a challenge and can work under pressure to meet deadlines, but also willing to take creative risks and push conceptual boundaries. I use my own unique style of working with filler/plaster, inks, pigments and organic materials to complete my art, before installation onto bright backgrounds and sculpture work, using my culture, news and political issues as an inspiration, but this not exclusive,

 I have carried out extensive research into Post-colonial British Diaspora and Black British artists and also like to make artworks on under-represented groups and causes I believe strongly about.

My work is about me connecting with the universe using nature and spirituality.                    

I have developed my practice by using organic and natural materials that

I have come across in my life in connection with spirituality, understanding the meaning of life.     

I am a visual artist I feel that these are the gifts that God has given me to send my message in my art work. 

This journey is important to me as I have a link with the reality of life

which means it is important to include this in my works of art.

I use my subconscious mind and visions to create these pieces of work,

gifts which I believe were given to me by God that I may forward through my representation.                    

As a spiritual person I experience auras and see visual energy around most things I come across               

in everyday life and this is embodied through my work.

Organic Art Uk is my internet based gallery and showcase to the online community.


Organic Art Uk